Dantax was founded more than 40 years ago. In 1971 one man, with a good idea and a vision, established the company.

In the beginning, loudspeaker parts were bought from other manufacturers and then assembled by Dantax. Sales grew quickly and soon a small loudspeaker production facility was built in Pandrup.

The 70-ties became the golden age of hifi and Dantax, by offering good value for money, became an established brand in this market.

In 1977 Dantax took over the Scan Speak factory – a world -famous producer of high quality speaker units. During the same period, Dantax added the Scansonic brand to its’ portfolio. A new Scans Speak factory was built in Pandrup, and the joint expertise of Dantax and Scan Speak resulted in the production of a wide range of excellent loudspeaker models over subsequent years.

A new milestone was achieved in 1984, when the company went public on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

Over the years, in addition to being a manufacturer of loudspeakers, Dantax has also been distributor for a number of great brands in hifi, such as Fisher Hifi, Sanyo, Schneider, and Akai.

In 1997 the loudspeaker factory was sold off, and since then the company has developed and produced its range of products in close cooperation with partners in other countries.

In 2009 a new era began as Dantax took over the fantastic Raidho loudspeaker project. This new venture was another significant milestone in the history of Dantax. Hifi purists all over the world, consider Raidho to be among the finest loudspeakers developed and produced today. A wide range of prizes and awards from reviewers, magazines and hifi shows worldwide reinforces this point of view.

Most recently a range of super hifi loudspeakers has been developed and built by Raidho. These have been marketed globally under the Scansonic brand-name.

Although Dantax has a long history, the company today is young at heart and has the knowledge and expertise to ensure the company has a bright future.